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Council on Ethics meets November 22

The Wisconsin Medical Society’s Council on Health Care Ethics will address pain management, surrogate decision making and nontraditional medicine at its November 22 meeting. The meeting begins at 10 a.m. at Society headquarters in Madison.

As new efforts aim to address the growing abuse and misuse of prescription drugs, many physicians are concerned about proper pain management and access to medication for patients with cancer and those nearing the end of life. The Council will consider policy to address these concerns. It also will take up 2013 Resolution 210, Hierarchy of Surrogates for Decision for the Incapacitated Individual, and vote on a policy regarding placebos and nontraditional medicine.

The agenda and draft minutes from the council’s previous meeting are available in the members-only section of the Society website.*

Society Councils draft, research and review resolutions that become Society policy, inform Society staff on direction in the State Capitol and advocate for physicians in government, hospitals, clinics and communities. For more information about joining the Council on Health Care Ethics or participating on a topic-by-topic basis, please e-mail Nikita Sessler in the Society’s Government Relations Department.

*Member log-in is required to access the Council on Health Care Ethics meeting materials archive. Click here to access the log-in page. Additional member log-in information is here.

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