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Gov. Walker delays Medicaid transition, calls special session

This afternoon Gov. Scott Walker announced he is calling a special session of the State Legislature to request changes in his administration’s plans to transition more than 70,000 citizens from BadgerCare to the federal health insurance exchanges available under the Affordable Care Act. Under his special session call, bills will delay that BadgerCare transition by three months, meaning the transition would occur on April 1, 2014 rather than the first of the year. He is also calling for the legislature to delay the wind-down of the state’s high risk insurance program, HIRSP.

The Society has been in regular contact with the state’s Department of Health Services as the ACA rollout draws nearer, urging the administration to avoid creating a new sector of uninsured patients should the federal exchanges fail to operate effectively. Following today’s announcement, the Society issued this statement, praising Gov. Walker “for taking such a clear and compassionate transitional course. This interim step will help to achieve the overarching goal of the Governor’s Medicaid Reform initiative as well as the overarching goal of the Affordable Care Act: To reduce the number of Wisconsin residents (US citizens) without health insurance.”

Gov. Walker said he expects the legislature to take up the bills after the Thanksgiving holiday. For questions about the Medicaid Transition, e-mail Mark Grapentine, JD, the Society’s senior vice president of government relations.

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