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MEB addresses licensing, code changes

Wisconsin’s Medical Examining Board (MEB) held its monthly meeting on Wednesday in Madison. Besides acting on a number of disciplinary matters (as it does each month), the MEB held a public hearing on a proposed administrative code change that removes the requirement that applicants for a new Wisconsin medical license provide a photocopy of their medical school diploma.

The Society believes the requirement is anachronistic and registered in favor of the change. No other organization or individual weighed in on the proposal, which is technically Clearinghouse Rule 13-090. The rule change first was proposed in 2008 but remained dormant until this year.

The MEB also discussed the future need to modify MED 18 of the state’s administrative code, which pertains to physician informed consent requirements. An update to that section of the code will be needed to properly reflect the changes included in Assembly Bill 139, which is awaiting the governor’s signature to be enacted into law. Because that final step has not yet occurred, the MEB will revisit the issue at its December 11 meeting. If the bill has been enacted by that date, the MEB likely will begin the rule change process.

Contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government Relations Department with any questions.

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