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Essays about rural health sought, $2,500 cash prize to be awarded

The Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) is seeking submissions for the 22nd Annual Monato Rural Essay Prize, a competition highlighting the importance of rural health. The competition, in memory of Hermes Monato, Jr., who worked for RWHC, features a $2,500 cash award. Students at all University of Wisconsin (UW) System campuses are eligible.

Full- and part-time UW System students during the preceding year (all campuses, programs and degree levels, including non-degree) may enter the competition. Students are encouraged to write about a rural health topic for a regular class and then submit a copy for the competition by June 1, 2014.

There are no specific requirements for length, format, etc. Links to many of the previous winning papers, which have ranged from first-person essays to formal journal-ready articles, are available on the RWHC website along with additional information. Papers written for a class or other purpose during the previous 12 months are eligible.

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