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Medicare fix needed now

In an opinion piece published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday, September 29, the Wisconsin Medical Society and American Medical Association (AMA) called on Congress to permanently repeal the broken Medicare physician payment formula. Society President Tim McAvoy, MD, and AMA President Ardis D. Hoven, MD, highlighted bipartisan support for legislation that would pave the way for innovative delivery models and ensure the long-term health of Medicare.

“The way Medicare currently pays physicians for the care they provide to Medicare patients in Wisconsin and throughout the country is simply not working,” Drs. McAvoy and Hoven said in the article. Nearly 1 million Wisconsin residents rely on Medicare for their health care, and their care is compromised because of “a formula that regularly schedules massive, unsustainable cuts to physicians,” they said.

Proposed legislation would stabilize Medicare payments to physicians and other health care professionals and transition to different approaches for health care delivery. “When fully implemented, these new health care delivery systems will improve continuity and coordination of care and allow physicians to focus on managing patients’ overall health instead of specific episodes of illness,” Drs. McAvoy and Hoven said. “These various models have shown that they can improve the quality of care patients receive while reducing health care costs.”

Visit fixmedicarenow.org to encourage lawmakers to act this year to protect and improve Medicare.

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