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Senate panel OKs legislation on concussions, drug substitution

The Wisconsin Senate’s Health Committee met early Thursday morning in the Capitol in executive session to vote on a variety of bills and executive appointments. Among the items:

  • Amendment and passage of Senate Bill 258, related to concussions. The bill will require that concussion information be provided to student-athletes once per academic year, rather than multiple times each year if the student participates in multiple sports. The amendment provides the same kind of once-per-year requirement for private clubs. The Society supports the legislation, which was approved unanimously.
  • Amendment and passage of Senate Bill 251, which allows for a therapeutic alternate drug selection system for nursing homes similar to that already in the state’s hospitals. The Society has worked closely with the state’s nursing home and pharmacy organizations to ensure the bill’s language does not interfere with physicians’ autonomy over care of their patients. The amendment removes advanced practice nurse prescribers from the list of those allowed to authorize such an alternate drug selection. The committee voted unanimously to support the bill as amended.
  • Appointment of Wisconsin Medical Society member Tim Swan, MD, to a full four-year term on the Medical Examining Board. He already serves on the MEB as a replacement for a vacancy.

All of Thursday’s action can now move to the full State Senate for eventual floor action. For more information, contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government Relations Department.

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