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Wisconsin awarded $2.4 million to improve health care quality, accessibility and affordability

Wisconsin is one of 17 states selected to receive a Model Design Award from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The $2.4 million grant, which is part of the State Innovation Models initiative funded under the Affordable Care Act, will provide financial and technical support for the development of an innovative, multi-payer health care payment and delivery model to improve health system performance, increase quality of care and decrease costs.

“We’re seeing states do some very innovative things when it comes to improving the ways we deliver care, pay providers, and distribute information,” said HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell in this press release. “These funds will support states in integrating and coordinating the many elements of health care—including Medicaid, Medicare, public health and private health care delivery systems—to the benefit of patients, businesses, and taxpayers alike.”

Wisconsin’s Statewide Value Committee will work closely with the Department of Health Services over the next 12 months to develop and test a new integrated health care delivery model. Wisconsin Medical Society CEO Rick Abrams represents the Society on the Committee, which is comprised of approximately 30 organizations representing payers, providers and purchasers. John Toussaint, MD, CEO of Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value, serves as the Committee’s chair.

“This grant gives us the resources in a big way to get this done,” said Abrams, noting that Wisconsin has already been working toward comprehensive redesign of the health care payment and delivery system. “The good news is that we’re not starting from scratch.”

The Wisconsin grant is part of $665 million in grants nationwide announced Tuesday by HHS. Click here for more information, including a list of all Model Design winners.

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