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Simons reelected MEB Board chair

Ken Simons, MD, was unanimously reelected chair of the State of Wisconsin Medical Examining Board (MEB) at its monthly meeting in Madison on Wednesday. Simons, the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Medical College of Wisconsin, was unopposed for the position, which he will hold throughout 2014. Tim Swan, MD, also was a unanimous selection to remain MEB vice-chair, and Sridhar Vasudevan, MD, was unopposed for the MEB secretary position. All three physicians are Society members.

In addition to elections, the MEB acted on a variety of administrative rules:

  • Now that the state legislature’s review period has expired, the MEB gave final blessing to MED 8, which updates the administrative code related to the supervision of physician assistants. The update will take effect once it is published in the state’s Administrative Register.
  • Following enactment of the new physician informed consent law (the Society-supported 2013 Act 111), the MEB must now update MED 18 to reflect the law’s various changes.
  • The MEB’s efforts to update the procedure for performing audits of CME requirements continue. The MEB’s scope statement to alter Med 13.06 has been noticed in the Administrative Register. Under the proposed change, the MEB will audit a certain number of physician CME reports every two years. It is expected that about 10 percent of the CME reports will be audited every two years.

Contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government Relations department for more information.

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