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Follow the Annual Meeting on Twitter; Virtual Reference Committees close Monday

Follow the Society’s newly launched Twitter feed for information about the 2014 Annual Meeting and the House of Delegates leading up to and during the event. Members attending the Annual Meeting, or those just wishing to stay up to date on what’s happening, can get up-to-the minute information by following @wismedHOD or using #wismedHOD.

We’ll be counting down the last few days until Annual Meeting with reminders and things you need to know; and once the Annual Meeting is underway, Society staff will tweet meeting highlights, photos and other important updates.

Society staff also will tweet the status of items of business during Saturday’s reference committees in order to allow members to track the progress of items of interest in each committee and plan accordingly if they intend to testify in more than one committee. (Each Reference Committee’s agenda also will be posted outside the hearing room and staff will cross off completed items as the reference committee progresses.)

For those who cannot attend the Annual Meeting, there is still time to submit comments on resolutions online via the Society’s Virtual Reference Committees (VRCs). Members can review resolutions and post comments online until March 31.* Resolutions and comments submitted by March 31 will be viewable on the Society’s website through conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Comments made through VRCs will be reviewed and considered by Reference Committee members along with testimony received at the traditional in-person Reference Committee hearings.

For more information about the Annual Meeting, including reservation information and a tentative schedule, click here.

*(Member log-in is required to access Annual Meeting resolutions. Click here to access the log-in page. Additional member log-in information is here.)

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