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New video encourages physicians to get involved in political process

2014 promises to be an important election year, and in a new video message, WISMedPAC Board Chair John Hartman, MD, is urging physicians to get involved in the political process. (Click here to view the video.)

To help protect physician practices from harmful legislation and to ensure the voice of physicians is not drowned out by competing interests, the WISMedPAC board has set a goal of contributing $100,000 during this campaign season. Contributions may be made through WISMedPAC, the Society’s Political Action Committee, or WISMedDIRECT, the Society’s conduit. WISMedPAC contributions are made at the direction of the WISMedPAC Board of Directors, while WISMedDIRECT is more like a personal political checking account. Individual contributors determine where their contributions go.

To learn more about more about these political programs, click here. Contributions can be made online, in person during the Society’s Annual Meeting in Green Bay April 5-6 or by contacting Heidi Green at 608.442.3720.

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