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Foundation programs reach 64 Wisconsin counties in 2014

Scholarships, fellowships, community grants, school garden grants and other community outreach activities are all ways the Wisconsin Medical Society has made an impact this year—making a difference in 64 Wisconsin counties.

The Foundation’s 2014 annual report illustrates the true breadth of those efforts, including its support of medical education. Seventy-three scholarships totaling $179,000 and 66 student loans totaling $330,000 were awarded to students pursuing medical careers this year.

In addition to supporting medical education, the Foundation provides much-needed grant funding for public health education and research initiatives. More than 26,000 individuals were directly affected by Foundation grant activities in 2014, and many more community members will benefit indirectly from these projects. For example, the Prentice School District’s school garden grant initially will involve 218 students and staff, but the true impact will be much broader, as many parents and community members will be involved in the garden or benefit from the garden’s produce and related healthy living lessons.

The Foundation is only able to support health initiatives and medical education because of gifts from individuals and business supporters each year. Add your support of the Foundation’s work with a tax-deductible gift before year’s end. To donate, visit the Foundation’s website or e-mail Foundation Executive Director Eileen Wilson.

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