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Nominees sought for Society offices; deadline is Jan. 2

Nominations are now being accepted for several Wisconsin Medical Society offices. All nomination materials are due to Society’s House of Delegates (HOD) Nominating Committee by Friday, Jan. 2, 2015.

Candidates are sought for the following offices:

  • President-Elect for 2015-2016
  • Speaker of the House for 2016-2017 to succeed Charles Rainey, MD (Note: Dr Rainey has served the maximum number of terms as Speaker. Based on the outcome of the election process, the position of Vice Speaker could become vacant this year. Therefore, candidates should indicate in their cover letter whether they would like to be considered solely for the position of Speaker or for both positions if the position of Speaker is filled and the Vice Speaker position becomes available.)
  • AMA Delegate (two positions) for calendar year 2016— Clarence Chou, MD, of Milwaukee (ineligible for another term); Michael Miller, MD, of Oconomowoc (incumbent)
  • AMA Delegate (two positions) for calendar years 2016 and 2017—Timothy G. McAvoy, MD, of Waukesha (incumbent); Charles J. Rainey, MD, of River Hills (incumbent)
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (three positions) for calendar year 2016—Andrea C. Hillerud, MD, of Eau Claire (incumbent); Barbara A. Hummel, MD, of West Allis (incumbent); Tosha B. Wetterneck, MD, of Madison (incumbent)
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (two positions) for calendar years 2016 and 2017—George M. Lange, MD, of River Hills (incumbent); Claudia L. Reardon, MD, of Madison (incumbent).

All candidates must submit a curriculum vitae not to exceed three pages, a cover letter no longer than one page, a completed candidate questionnaire for the office the candidate is seeking and a completed Disclosure of Significant Affiliations (conflict of interest) form. The candidate questionnaire forms are available here.

The House of Delegates Nominating Committee will meet on Friday, January 30, 2015 at 4 p.m. at Society Headquarters in Madison. The Committee will interview and evaluate the candidates for Society offices and prepare a slate of nominees for presentation to the House of Delegates on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the Annual Meeting in Madison.

The 2014-2015 Nominating Committee members are:

  • District 1—Edith McFadden, MD, Milwaukee; Michael Lischak, MD, of Brookfield; Anthony Otters, MD, of Nashotah; Steven Andrews, MD, of Muskego; Andrew Beykovsky, MD, of Brookfield; Mark DeCheck, MD, of Racine; Tom Derrig, MD, of Summit; Don Lee, MD, of Franklin; Tracy McCall, MD, of Waukesha; Julie Schuller, MD, of Milwaukee; Steve Murphy, MD, of Milwaukee
  • District 2—Jake Behrens, MD, of Madison; Paul Wertsch, MD, of Madison; Alan Schwartzstein, MD, of Oregon; Mr. James Lehman of Madison; Daniel Bennett, MD, of Madison; and Elizabeth Pritts, MD, of Middleton
  • District 3—Jeff Rodzak, MD, of Onalaska
  • District 4—Noel Deep, MD, of Antigo; Duane Myklejord, MD, of Marshfield; Kevin Flaherty, MD, of Wausau
  • District 5—Mark Kehrberg, MD, of Oshkosh; Peter Timmermans, MD, of Waupun
  • District 6—Nicky Plementosh, MD, of Green Bay; John Hartman, MD, of Green Bay
  • District 7—Gurdesh Singh Bedi, MD, of St. Croix Falls
  • District 8—Cynthia Hart, MD, of Ashland
  • Specialty Sections—Rose Campise-Luther, MD, of Wauwatosa

Communications to the Nominating Committee should be addressed to Rick Abrams, CEO, Wisconsin Medical Society, PO Box 1109, Madison, WI 53701. Communications can also be sent via e-mail to Noreen Krueger. Click here to learn more about the nominating process and to download the candidate questionnaires and the conflict of interest form.*

Note: The Society will immediately post the completed candidate questionnaire and cover letter in the “members only” section of the Society website. The Society will post the conflict of interest form of all candidates selected by the Nominating Committee as nominees in the “members only” section of the Society’s website after nomination by the Committee.

For questions or more information, contact Noreen Krueger.

*(Member log-in is required to access nomination information and materials. Click here to access the log-in page. Additional member log-in information is here.)

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