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Wisconsin Operation Immersion 2.0 aims to increase understanding of military life, enable better treatment

Wisconsin Operation Immersion (WOI) 2.0 is a three-day event being held Oct. 21-23 at Fort McCoy in Sparta, Wis., that aims to provide health care professionals and community-based programs with a better understanding of military life. The program is designed to help reduce the stigma of mental health and substance abuse within military populations and to enable a more effective approach to treatment and resource management.

Participants will be immersed into a simulated military culture. Possible activities include sleeping in the army barracks, physical training, eating “Chow Hall” meals and touring military vehicles, as well as hearing stories of Wisconsin National Guard members and attending workshops/sessions.

There is no cost to participate, but preregistration is required by Oct. 13. Anyone interested in attending can e-mail the registration form to Janet Fleege or fax it to 414.454.4242.

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