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Society encourages everyone to ‘have the conversation’ April 16

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) April 16 is a day to inspire, educate and empower both the public and physicians about the importance of advance care planning—a process of understanding, reflecting on, and discussing future medical decisions, including end-of-life preferences. This year, organizations throughout Wisconsin are planning activities in conjunction with NHDD.

“Through National Healthcare Decisions Day activities, we hope people in our communities will engage in thoughtful conversations and make their wishes known,” said Erin Aagesen, Wisconsin’s state liaison for NHDD. Aagesen is the community engagement specialist for Honoring Choices Wisconsin (HCW), an initiative of the Wisconsin Medical Society that promotes the benefits of and improves processes for advance care planning across the state, in health care setting and in the community.

One example of an NHDD activity is happening in Madison tomorrow night. The family and close friends of James Milford, MD, and his wife, Karen, will have a conversation over dinner about their wishes for future health care and end-of-life decisions. Aagesen will facilitate the discussion, and media have been invited to help draw attention to NHDD and advance care planning.

“As a physician, I unfortunately see many cases where families have not talked about their desires at the end of life and it leads to heartbreaking stress and conflict within the family; we don’t want that to happen to our family,” Dr. Milford said.

For more information about NHDD, visit their website. To learn more about HCW, click here.

The name “Honoring Choices Wisconsin” is used under license from Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation.

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