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New medical students receive
first white coats

More than 200 Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) students received their first white coat in an investiture ceremony at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in Milwaukee, Friday, Aug. 14.

At the ceremony, Wisconsin Medical Society President Jerry Halverson, MD, spoke on behalf of the Society and the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation (Foundation), which provided the white coats on behalf of the physician sponsors. Since 2001, the Foundation has supplied the white coats, along with a message of welcome and encouragement to each student from their sponsor.

Society President Jerry Halverson, MD, (center) stands with some Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) students, following the white coat investiture ceremony in Milwaukee, Aug. 14. Past Society President Timothy McAvoy, MD, was at the ceremony to see his daughter, Kieran (pictured far right), a first-year medical student at MCW, receive her white coat. “These next few years will be filled with great excitement and new and different challenges, but know that you are not alone,” Dr. Halverson said in his speech, Aug. 14. “The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and the Society are here for you. We are a team, and we all need to work together to ensure a strong system of support, not only for our patients, but also for each other.”

In July, a white coat investiture ceremony was held for MCW-Green Bay students, and a ceremony for University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health students is scheduled for Aug. 30.

In all, about 405 students will receive their white coats from the Foundation in 2015, thanks to the many physicians who donated to this year’s White Coat Campaign. Even more donors will be needed next year as the 2016 White Coat Campaign will expand to include students at the new MCW-Central campus.

E-mail Foundation Executive Director Eileen Wilson or call her at 608.442.3722 for more information or to contribute now for the 2016 White Coat Campaign.

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