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Free clinic in Middleton seeks physician volunteers

The BSP Free Clinic in Middleton is seeking physician volunteers, particularly urologists, endocrinologists and obstetricians/gynecologists. Founded in 2001 as the Benevolent Specialists Project (BSP), the clinic provides specialty health care to uninsured and medically underserved patients.

Wisconsin Medical Society member Robert McDonald, MD, has volunteered at the clinic for many years and encourages others to join him. Doctor McDonald is a past member of the Society Board of Directors and past president and secretary/treasurer of the Dane County Medical Society.

“I find the commitment is minimal and extremely flexible,” said Dr. McDonald. “Specialists work alongside each other in a collegial atmosphere—retired, still in practice, from different organizations—all caring for our community’s most vulnerable patients—together.” (Click here to read more about his experience at the clinic.)

For more information about the BSP Free Clinic and how to become a volunteer, contact Tricia Levenhagen at 608.827.2325.

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