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Society raises concerns about physical therapists’ expanded scope effort

Wisconsin Medical Society member Gregg Bogost, MD, appeared before the Assembly Committee on Health Wednesday to share concerns the Society has over legislation that would allow physical therapists to independently order X-rays for patients. Doctor Bogost, a radiologist and member of the Society’s Council on Legislation, testified in opposition to Assembly Bill 549 for both the Society and the Wisconsin Radiological Society.

Doctor Bogost’s testimony focused on the value that comes when a patient sees a primary care physician for assessment and recommendations for imaging procedures, and how bypassing that high quality care can eventually lead to inefficient or ineffective services. Doctor Bogost pointed out that the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services does not reimburse for X-rays ordered by a physical therapist, which could be a stark surprise for seniors receiving X-rays. He also spoke to the vivid difference between care obtained from a PT in an integrated health care system versus an independent PT with no established relationships with physicians.

While Dr. Bogost was the only health care representative to appear in person to raise concerns about the proposed legislation, physical therapists showed up in force to support their desired expanded scope. The Society will continue its efforts to educate legislators about the bill’s faults. It is unclear if the legislature will entertain amendments to the bill before advancing it past the committee stage.

Contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government and Legal Affairs Department with any questions. Visit the Society’s Lobbying Tracker for information on this and other bills the Society is following.

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