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Get to know the candidates for
Society offices

Letters of intent and candidate questionnaires from members seeking nominations for the positions of Wisconsin Medical Society President-elect, Speaker and Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates (HOD), American Medical Association (AMA) Delegate and alternate delegate are now available online.

The documents are posted on the Society’s website* to allow all members to “meet” the physicians who endeavor to serve the Society in various offices and to increase the transparency of the nomination process.

The candidates are:

  • President-elect for 2015-2016: Barbara Hummel, MD, and George (Chip) Morris, MD
  • Speaker of the House 2016 and 2017: Michael Miller, MD
  • Vice Speaker of the House 2016: Jay Gold, MD
  • AMA Delegate (two positions)—2016: Michael Miller, MD, and Tosha Wetterneck, MD
  • AMA Delegate (two positions)—2016 and 2017: Timothy McAvoy, MD, and Charles Rainey, MD
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (three positions)—2016: Andrea Hillerud, MD, Barbara Hummel, MD, and Jake Behrens, MD
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (two positions)—2016 and 2017: George M. Lange, MD, and Claudia Reardon, MD

The Nominating Committee will meet Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. to interview candidates, in accordance with the Committee’s policies, and prepare a slate of nominees for the HOD.

*(Member log-in is required to access information about the candidates. Click here to access the log-in page. Additional member log-in information is here.)

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