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Medical Examining Board to craft telemedicine rules

The state of Wisconsin’s Medical Examining Board (MEB) has begun the process of creating administrative rules that will regulate the medical use of telemedicine. The MEB included in its July agenda newly created telemedicine rules from Iowa suggesting they could possibly be used as a model for Wisconsin. The MEB’s current code is silent on the issue.

At its monthly meeting on Wednesday, the MEB voted to initiate the rulemaking process, which begins with crafting a “scope statement” that describes the breadth of the intended rule. Once that statement is approved by the governor’s office, the MEB can begin drafting the proposed language. A public hearing would be held on the proposal, after which the MEB can amend it before giving final approval. The state legislature then has a review period. Both the Assembly Health and Senate Health and Human Services committees have the opportunity to hold their own public hearings if they wish. Once the legislative committee jurisdiction expires, the MEB can authorize the proposed rule to take effect.

The rulemaking process takes months, so the Wisconsin Medical Society and other interested parties will have ample opportunity to provide input. Contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government and Legal Affairs Department for more information.

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