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Medigram: July 30, 2015

Top Story

WMJ report explores effort to create mindfulness in medicine
Increased awareness of physician burnout and its potentially negative impact on patient care also has introduced the idea that mindfulness can help strengthen the well-being of physicians and assist in the delivery of better patient-centered care. A report published in the latest issue of WMJ describes a system-wide intervention—involving hospital and clinic staff, medical students and patients—designed to create a culture of mindful awareness. Read more.

News Briefs

Maximum fees providers may charge for copies of health care records increases
The maximum fees health care providers may charge for providing copies of health care records are adjusted annually based on the consumer price index (see Wis. Stat. § 146.83 (3f) (c) 2 for specific details). The 2015-2016 maximum fees were recently published and include a small increase. Read more.

Yes, you can contribute to presidential candidates via WISMedDIRECT
The presidential race is in full swing with 17 Republican, five Democratic and nearly 30 third-party and independent candidates having entered the race so far. And although the election is more than a year away, those candidates are seeking support now. Read more.

Plan ahead to attend Doctor Day 2016
While Wisconsin’s state legislature is breaking for the summer, plans are being made for Doctor Day 2016, scheduled for Feb. 10, 2016. Held annually, Doctor Day provides a unique opportunity for physicians to come together to advocate on behalf of patients and the medical profession. Read more.