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Society board member elected, medical student sworn in at AMA Annual Meeting

The American Medical Association (AMA) elected and inaugurated several new members from Wisconsin at the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago June 6-10.

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health medical student Dina Marie Pitta was sworn in to serve on the AMA’s Board of Trustees after having won an election at the interim meeting last November. Mark Kashtan, MD, (2015 graduate) served as a Medical Student Section (MSS) representative to the AMA HOD, and Medical College of Wisconsin medical student Jessica Peterson was elected Vice Chair of the MSS governing council. Wisconsin Medical Society Board member Noel Deep, MD, also a delegate from the American College of Physicians, was elected to the Council on Science and Public Health. Wisconsin also is currently represented by Paul Wertsch, MD, on the Council on Medical Service and Michael Miller, MD, on the Council on Science and Public Health.

In addition, the AMA adopted several new policies on timely health care issues. Some of those policies include:

  • Seeking stricter immunization requirements that allow for exemptions only for medical reasons, not religious ones.
  • Calling for a two-year grace period for physicians—without repercussions—after the planned ICD-10 implementation date of Oct. 1, 2015, takes place.
  • Being in support of requiring a physician’s written consent for athletes in youth sports to return to activity after sustaining a concussion, the adoption of evidence-based, age-specific guidelines, and the development and evaluation of effective risk reduction measures.
  • Reiterating AMA policy about Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and that it not be linked to licensure.

Visit the AMA’s website for more information on these and other policies approved by the AMA’s HOD.

The AMA also inaugurated its 170th president, Steven J. Stack, MD, of Lexington, Kentucky. Doctor Stack is the youngest president in 160 years and the organization’s first emergency physician to fill the role. During the AMA’s almost 200-year history, two Wisconsin physicians have served as president: Rock Sleyster, MD, from 1939-1940 and Gunnar Gundersen, MD, from 1958-1959.

Wisconsin also was well represented at the meeting. Society President Jerry Halverson, MD, DFAPA, Immediate Past President Richard Dart, MD, and staff members Rick Abrams and Chris Rasch attended the meeting in Chicago. The following Wisconsin Delegation Society members participated as AMA delegates and alternate delegates: Mazdak Bradberry, Clarence Chou, MD, Ryan Denu, Andrea Hillerud, MD, Barbara Hummel, MD, George Lange, MD, Tim McAvoy, MD, Casey Melcher, MD, Dr. Miller, Charles Rainey, MD, Claudia Reardon, MD, Dr. Wertsch and Tosha Wetterneck, MD.

Also, participating were a number of physician specialty Society members from Wisconsin, physician residents and medical students.

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