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Wisconsin advance care planning efforts draw national attention

Honoring Choices Wisconsin (HCW)—an initiative of the Wisconsin Medical Society—and other advance care planning leaders in the state, were featured recently in an article published by Vox.com.

The article, “Wisconsin is learning how to die” by Sarah Kliff, focused on Wisconsin’s advance care planning’s roots, which began in La Crosse during the 1980s, as well as more recent efforts by HCW, which launched statewide in 2012.

“We eventually want everyone to have this conversation,” HCW’s Program Director John Maycroft said in the May 28 article. “I want to show that this can be done, that it’s something Wisconsin can do and that other medical societies can do. We’re here for Wisconsinites, but we also want to be a national model.”

Through HCW, the Society serves as a convener, coordinator and catalyst to build clinical pilot projects based on proven concepts, methodologies, training systems and materials, combined with outreach in communities across the state. Currently, 23 health care organizations have partnered with HCW.

Click here to read the Vox article. To learn more about HCW, click here.

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