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WMJ study explores the effectiveness of social marketing to increasing immunization awareness

A study published in the current issue of WMJ asked this question: Can social marketing increase immunizations for urban, low-income children?

A targeted social marketing campaign used billboards, flyers and other marketing mediums in specific inner city Milwaukee neighborhoods, where only 35 percent of children—ages 19 to 35 months—are immunized. More than 73 percent of children are immunized in Milwaukee County and more than 77 percent are immunized statewide.

The campaign was conducted in two phases, applying the message “Take Control! Protect Your Child with Immunizations,” and a survey was conducted after each phase. Of the 408 respondents from both surveys, more than 97 percent of the children in the target population were African American.

The authors of the study found that a large proportion of respondents did recall the message; 46 percent were motivated to act, one-third reported getting their child immunized and many who selected “other” actions mentioned activities that were related to immunizations such as checking that their child’s immunizations were up-to-date.

“Culturally appropriate billboards in targeted community sites can be effective tools toward both an awareness and an intent to immunize children in low-income, minority neighborhoods,” the authors wrote.

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