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Members sought for House of Delegates committees

The Wisconsin Medical Society is seeking members for House of Delegates (HOD) committees at the Society’s Annual Meeting, April 2-3, 2016, in Madison. Members of HOD committees must be delegates or alternate delegates from their respective county medical society or specialty/special sections.

The HOD committees include a credentials committee, a rules committee and three reference committees. The Society is seeking six to eight members for each committee, with a goal of balanced representation across the membership.

The Credentials Committee supervises the seating of delegates and alternate delegates during sessions of the HOD. It also assists with the counting of votes during an election or during debate on a resolution. This committee functions during the business sessions of the HOD on Saturday and Sunday.

The Rules Committee is responsible for assisting in the drafting of the standing rules of the HOD, reviewing any late resolutions prior to the meeting and assisting with counting of votes on a resolution during the meeting. This committee will have a pre-meeting conference call to review late resolutions (if any) and must be available during the business meeting to assist with votes.

There are three reference committees: 1) Health Insurance Coverage/Access, 2) Quality/Clinical Outcomes, and 3) Organization and Finances. Effective action by the HOD depends on the deliberations of each reference committee. Without this type of prior consideration, the HOD could not accomplish such a large volume of work in such a short time. Involvement includes attending the reference committee open hearings and participating in a closed executive session to draft the committee’s report to the HOD after the open hearing.

If you are interested in serving on a HOD committee, please e-mail Casey Pieper in the Society’s Government and Legal Affairs Department.

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