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From the AMA: Nominations for Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committees

The American Medical Association (AMA) is seeking nominations for the AMA’s alternate representatives to The Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committees (PTAC) for the Ambulatory Care and Hospital Accreditation Programs.

Joint Commission PTACs are an integral part of the Joint Commission’s advisory structure. PTACs, which represent the views of a diverse group of professional associations and other interests, assist The Joint Commission in the development and refinement of accreditation standards and elements of performance.

Additionally, PTACs provide observations to The Joint Commission regarding environmental trends, educational needs, and other important issues facing the fields in which The Joint Commission offers accreditation services.

Nomination forms must be submitted by March 11. E-mail Keith Voogd or call him at 312.464.4539 for more information.

This content was provided by the American Medical Association.

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