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Meet the nominees for Society offices

The Nominating Committee of the Wisconsin Medical Society House of Delegates (HOD) prepared a slate of nominees for Society offices during its meeting Jan. 29. The nominees, including those for American Medical Association (AMA) Delegates and Alternate Delegates, are as follows:

  • President-elect: Noel Deep, MD, FACP
  • Vice Speaker of the House 2017 and 2018: Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH
  • Treasurer: Julie B. Schuller, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP
  • AMA Delegate (three positons) – 2017 and 2018: Michael Miller, MD, Paul A. Wertsch, MD, Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (one position) – 2016: Keshni L. Ramnanan, MD, FACP
  • AMA Alternate Delegate (three positions) – 2017 and 2018: Jacob Behrens, MD, Barbara A. Hummel, MD, Keshni L. Ramnanan, MD, FACP

The Nominating Committee selected the nominees after carefully reviewing the candidates’ written submissions, interviewing the candidate for the position of president-elect and engaging in deliberations. In addition, in accordance with the Society’s bylaws, the Board of Directors nominated a director to serve as treasurer during its meeting Jan. 30.

Elections will occur Saturday, April 2 during the Society’s 2016 Annual Meeting after the Committee reports the names of nominees to the HOD. The nominees’ biographies, as well as their letters of intent, questionnaires and conflict of interest forms are available here.*

According to the Society’s bylaws, HOD members may make additional nominations from the floor of the House. Therefore, anyone interested in running for a Society office from the floor should plan to attend the Annual Meeting and take appropriate steps to secure a nomination and obtain the votes of members of the HOD.

*(Member log-in is required to access information about the nominees. Click here to access the log-in page. Additional member log-in information is here.)

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