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Agnesian HealthCare announces opening of Treffert Center

Society Past President Darold Treffert, MD, a psychiatrist and world-renowned expert on autism and savant syndrome, has teamed up with Agnesian HealthCare in Fond du Lac to open the Treffert Center. Tentatively set to open this spring, the center will feature the Treffert Library, Treffert Academy and the Agnesian Autism, Behavior and Communication Center.

“We’re excited about partnering with Dr. Treffert to carry on his great works through the Treffert Center,” said Matt Doll, PhD, director of Behavioral Health Services/Autism, in this press release. “At its core, the Treffert Center invites individuals, families and communities worldwide to explore the potential of the human mind, focusing on strengths rather than limitations. It seeks to preserve, make available and expand Dr. Treffert’s legacy as an internationally respected researcher in autism, savant syndrome and related conditions.”

Doctor Treffert has been studying savant syndrome for more than 50 years, and part of his legacy includes numerous books, videos, documentaries, journals, art works and periodicals on autism, savant syndrome and hyperlexia. This vast collection will be housed in the new Treffert Library, which will promote and carry out further research on these conditions and make available reliable information about these conditions for parents, professionals, students, media and the general public.

“The challenge is how to tap into the potential and hidden talent within all of us,” said Dr. Treffert. “This is what we are trying to do at the Treffert Center by taking a strength-based approach to child care, as well as our assessments and treatments.”

Click here for more information about the new Treffert Center and visit savantsyndrome.com—a website hosted by the Wisconsin Medical Society—for more information about Dr Treffert’s work, including savant syndrome and hyperlexia.