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Physicians Foundation awards grant to support Society’s physician wellness efforts

The Physicians Foundation has awarded the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation a $150,000 grant to support the Wisconsin Medical Society’s continued efforts to address the issue of physician wellness over the next two years.

Key to these efforts is the Leading Healthy Work Systems (LHWS) program, which takes the principles of industrial engineering and applies them to the work of the physician. This “human factors” engineering approach focuses on how changes in one part of the system ripple across the rest, affecting the mental and physical health of employees and patients alike.

LHWS has brought together more than 70 physician leaders from across Wisconsin since 2014 to help them understand the factors affecting physician burnout and explore methods to drive sustainable change within their organization. The grant will support three new LHWS cohorts. Two cohorts will consist of physicians drawn from multiple systems and clinics from across the state. The third, which will take the form of an onsite, intensive residency at one health care organization, will bring together administrative and physician leaders to identify strategies to improve physician wellness.

The grant also supports the administration of a statewide physician wellness survey and biannual Leadership Summits. Data from the survey will be used to benchmark the health of the physician workforce, and through subsequent analysis, provide recommendations for how to tackle physician burnout and wellness. The Leadership Summits bring together health care executives and physician leaders in dialogue about how to improve the wellbeing of physicians across the state.

This is the third time the grant has been awarded to the Foundation to support physician wellness.

“We are grateful that The Physicians Foundation will continue to be a supportive partner on this important work,” says Peter Welch, VP of Public Affairs and Strategic Advocacy Initiatives. “This grant will be transformational to our efforts, and allow us to take our work to the next level.”

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