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DSPS offers tips for signing up for the ePDMP

While signups for the enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) have been steady in the first month since the ePDMP was launched on Jan. 17 (see related Medigram story), the Wisconsin Medical Society has heard from some physicians who have experienced technical issues when attempting to create an account. According to staff for the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), the number of problems encountered in registering continues to decrease. Individuals who encounter problems should e-mail DSPS at pdmp@wisconsin.gov or call 608.266.0011. As of Feb. 13, the average turnaround time for a response was approximately one business day.

The most common problems encountered in registering for the ePDMP are:

  1. The physician’s license number was entered incorrectly.
  2. The physician’s state licensing file is incomplete. DSPS matches PDMP registrations with the database of licensed physicians in order to verify authorized users. If a field is “greyed out” in the PDMP registration, it means the corresponding state license database field is not filled in. If this problem is encountered, contact DSPS staff to fill the gap and allow registration to proceed.
  3. If no confirmation e-mail is received, the e-mail address may have been entered incorrectly or the confirmation e-mail may have gone to the recipient’s spam folder. Check the spam folder or contact DSPS to have the e-mail resent or the address corrected.

Training materials about the ePDMP, including videos and frequently asked questions are available on the DSPS website.

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