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MEB discusses ePDMP readiness

A staff update on the enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) was among the agenda items at the State of Wisconsin’s Medical Examining Board monthly meeting on Wednesday in Madison. Launched by the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) Jan. 17, the ePDMP is designed to prevent “doctor shopping” and “pharmacy hopping” by opioid-seekers. It is also seen as an important medical practice tool physicians can use to ensure safe and effective prescribing of opioids and other controlled substances.

Beginning April 1, 2017, physicians and other prescribers will be required to check the ePDMP for patient information before prescribing a controlled substance. To date, about 12,000 prescribers and dispensers have created accounts with the ePDMP. This includes physicians and other prescribers as well as pharmacists who are required to input dispensing data. DSPS staff estimate that this is about one-third of the total number of eventual prescriber/dispenser registrants.

In addition:

  • Another 5,000 people have registered as “agents” of a prescriber, who are allowed to access ePDMP information on a prescriber’s behalf. A person can serve as an agent for multiple prescribers, although it is the prescriber who must use the ePDMP to designate any agents.
  • Certain data not yet available are scheduled to come online April 1, including the ability for physicians to look up their own prescribing history.
  • DSPS staff urged MEB members to spread the word about not waiting until the last minute to sign up for the ePDMP, as physicians may not realize that incomplete information in their license file may slow down their registration process, because the ePDMP pulls physician information from individual license files. If those files are missing data such as a phone number, the ePDMP registration might not be successfully completed until those data gaps are filled. (See following story for more tips on registering for the ePDMP.)

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