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House of Delegates to Consider Amendments to Society’s Constitution

Among the items to be considered during the Wisconsin Medical Society’s 2017 House of Delegates (HOD) meeting April 22 in Wisconsin Dells are proposed amendments to the Society’s constitution.

The proposed amendments were introduced at the HOD in 2016, along with amendments to the Society’s bylaws. The bylaws amendments were approved by the HOD in 2016 and became effective immediately. Click here for a copy of the Society’s current bylaws.

Per Article VIII of the Society’s constitution, amendments to the constitution must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the HOD members present at any Annual Meeting, provided the amendment(s) were introduced to the HOD the previous year and that they were published by the Society at least two months in advance. As such, the 2017 HOD will consider and take action on the proposed amendments to the Society’s constitution first introduced in 2016.

The proposed amendments to the Society’s constitution were presented to the 2016 HOD in Board Report C-2. The 2016 HOD took the proposed constitutional amendments under consideration for action in 2017. Click here for the April 28, 2016 Medigram article reporting on the actions of the 2016 HOD, including the final actions, which are available here.

All members are encouraged to review the proposed amendments to the Society’s constitution. Click here for a redline version detailing the proposed constitutional amendments. Click here for a clean version of the proposed revised constitution.

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