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Committee to vote on chiropractor bill; your action needed now

In a surprising development Wednesday afternoon, the Assembly Committee on Health scheduled a vote on Assembly Bill 260. This legislation includes a mandate on the state’s schools and colleges to accept physical exams completed by chiropractors as satisfying pre-participation assessment requirements before students can compete in athletic programs.

The Wisconsin Medical Society was part of a broad coalition opposing AB 260 at the bill’s public hearing in late April, during which the bill’s main author, Rep. Chuck Wichgers (R-Muskego) and various chiropractors testified that chiropractors were not only fully qualified to perform student-athlete physicals, but that chiropractors “often have more medical training than physicians in certain areas.”

Representatives from the Society, the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics then met with Rep. Wichgers to personally express concerns about the bill and to ask for the data supporting the “more medical training” stance. No information supporting the claim has been provided.

Take Action
Now is the time for physicians concerned about this bill to contact your State Assembly representatives—please feel free to use the coalition’s April 26, 2017 memo as a source for talking points; you also can share the document with your representative.

To verify the contact information for your elected officials, visit the State Legislature’s website and enter your address into the box under the “Find My Legislators” section at the right of the screen.

Contact Mark Grapentine, JD, for more information about the bill and how you can help educate your State Assembly Representative about AB 260.

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