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More than 400 physicians, medical students participate in Doctor Day 2017 at State Capitol

With a record number of attendees, Doctor Day 2017 was an overwhelming success. More than 400 physicians and medical students from across the state came together to meet with legislators and their staffs as part of the annual event held yesterday in Madison.

Key issues discussed included the Heroin, Opiate Prevention and Education [HOPE] bills currently part of a special session of the state legislature, the potential for fundamental changes to the Medicaid program and promoting greater access to mental and behavioral health services. In addition to visits with legislators, participants had the opportunity to hear from Wisconsin Medicaid Director Michael Heifetz and State Representatives Kathy Bernier and Debra Kolste.

The annual event organized by the Wisconsin Medical Society and other key physician groups provides a unique opportunity for physicians to come together to advocate on behalf of patients and the medical profession.

“This is the fourth year physicians across all specialties and organizations have joined together on Doctor Day, and it’s gratifying to see medicine unite on issues important to our patients and the profession,” said Society President Barbara Hummel, MD. “We’ve had more participants every year, which shows both the importance of current health care issues and the dedication physicians have to share the latest facts and data with policymakers. Doctor Day allows physicians across the profession to collaborate no matter where they work, and in that spirit our desire is to include our state government policymakers in that collaboration.”

Attendees represented 22 different physician organizations, including the Wisconsin Medical Society. Click here for a complete list of participating organizations.

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