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House of Delegates actions now online

A summary of the actions taken by the House of Delegates (HOD) during the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Annual Meeting last month is now available online.

The HOD adopted 11 resolutions, referred one to the Board of Directors and took action regarding a number of existing policies. Resolutions adopted address the following topics:

  • Radon Testing in Leased Properties (Resolution 101)
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Website (Resolution 105)
  • Support of International Medical Students and Graduates (Resolution 111)
  • Access and Payment for Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Pain Management in Wisconsin as a Component of Addressing the Opioid Crisis (Resolution 113)
  • Domestic Water Testing for Lead Toxic Kits (Resolution 201)
  • BadgerCare Coverage for Inmates (Resolution 112)
  • Protection of Health Concerns and Protection of Water Sources (Resolution 202)
  • Preventive Services Coverage (Resolution 204)
  • Breast Pump Accommodations During Medical Licensing Exams (Resolution 209)
  • Transfer of Jurisdiction of Required Clinical Skills Examinations to LCME-Accredited Medical Schools (Resolution 210)
  • Support of Family Planning and Women’s Health Services in Wisconsin (Resolution 212)

Resolution 110, “Opposition to Nursing Staff Performing Moderate Complexity Testing Without Clinical Training” was referred to the Society’s Board of Directors for further study and action.

Click here* to access a detailed summary of HOD actions. All adopted resolutions are being incorporated into the Society’s Policy Compendium, which is available online.

Next year’s Annual Meeting is scheduled April 13-15 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison.

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