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MetaStar Achieves Wisconsin Forward Award’s Excellence Level

MetaStar, Inc. received the Wisconsin Forward Award’s (WFA) Excellence level recognition during the 20th Wisconsin Forward Award Gala November 16 in Madison.

The award recognizes organizations that demonstrate significant maturity in developing and refining processes that are tied to good results in such areas as building a highly skilled workforce, financial and organizational performance, and exceptional customer satisfaction and retention. “Excellence” is the highest of the four Wisconsin Forward Award levels, which also include Mastery, Proficiency and Commitment.

“We are honored to earn this level of recognition,” said Steve Laking, MetaStar Chief Operating Officer. “After more than a decade on the Baldrige journey, we are proud of how far we have come. We are thankful for the Wisconsin Forward Award and the examiners who have helped us navigate this journey toward performance excellence.”

Wisconsin Forward Award uses the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ established by the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program as its evaluation tool. Click here to learn more.

MetaStar is a nonprofit organization based in Madison that collaborates with health care professionals and payers to effect positive change in health and health care. For more than 40 years, MetaStar has continuously held key federal and state contracts to work toward improved health care in Wisconsin, with some services offered across the nation. MetaStar also offers consulting services to improve the quality of health care, specializing in the implementation and understanding of government and legislative initiatives.

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