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Nov. 16 is Wisconsin Rural Health Day

Governor Scott Walker has proclaimed Thursday, Nov. 16, Wisconsin Rural Health Day to coincide with National Rural Health Day. The Wisconsin Medical Society, along with several other health care organizations, signed onto to the Governor’s proclamation in support of rural health in Wisconsin.

Approximately one in four Wisconsinites live in rural communities throughout Wisconsin and Wisconsin Rural Health Day is an opportunity to increase awareness of rural health-related issues and promote efforts to address those issues.

“Today more than ever, rural communities are tackling accessibility issues. As a rapidly expanding elderly population, often suffering from several chronic conditions, reaches out for care, they have fewer health care providers to reach out to,” said Wisconsin Office of Rural Health Director John Eich. “Meanwhile, rural hospitals are threatened with declining reimbursement rates and disproportionate funding levels that make it challenging to provide the level of services their neighbors depend upon.”

Rural communities and organizations are showcasing Rural Health Day, with events around this year’s theme “Celebrating the Power of Rural.” More information is available on the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health website.

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