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Society voices opposition to fee schedule during Wisconsin Health News event

Mark Grapentine, JD, senior vice president of government relations for the Wisconsin Medical Society, voiced the Society’s opposition to a proposal that would create a Worker’s Compensation (WC) fee schedule during a panel discussion hosted by Wisconsin Health News on Tuesday. He was joined by Joanne Alig, senior vice president of policy and research at the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Chris Reader, director of health and human resources at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and Charles Burhan, assistant vice president and senior public affairs officer for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Discussion focused on the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council’s “agreed-to” bill, which would require the Department of Workforce Development to build a fee schedule. (See this Oct. 26 Medigram article for more information.)

The Society has been very vocal in its opposition to a WC fee schedule, which was also proposed and defeated four years ago.

“It is a solution in search of a problem,” said Grapentine. “The health care part of worker’s comp is doing its job. People are getting back on the job faster, they are happier, they get to choose where they go, they are responding to that treatment, and Wisconsin has the second lowest litigation rate in the country. The rest of the country looks at Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation program as a national model.

“Unfortunately, there are very few folks in Wisconsin who see it that way and they are trying to push the “agreed-to” bill,” he added.

Reader and Burhan argued that a fee schedule is needed due to increasing health costs, while Alig pointed out that workers’ compensation premiums in Wisconsin have declined the last two years. See this fact sheet for more information.

The Society urges members to contact their legislators to voice their opposition to the bill. Click here for more for details and contact Mark Grapentine, JD, if you have questions.

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