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Make your voice heard

Despite being an “off year” with no major elections, 2017 has been busy in terms of political giving. With health care front and center and many other issues being debated that affect the medical profession, the Wisconsin Medical Society has been able to show great strength with its support for legislators in Madison and Washington, DC.

At the state level, the Society has been well represented at most leadership events on both sides of the aisle. At the federal level, Society members recently attended a health care dinner with Congressman Ron Kind in Eau Claire. Another group of physicians attended a luncheon with Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson. And in Madison, a group of physicians celebrated Congressman Mark Pocan’s birthday with a fundraiser. (Check out the Society’s Facebook page to see photos from these events.)

“As part of the Society’s advocacy efforts, it’s important for our members and lobbyists to have that face time with the folks who vote on legislation,” said Heidi Green, the Society’s Political Action and Legislative Liaison. “Participating in fundraisers provides us with more opportunities to do that, so thank you to everyone who contributes to WISMedPAC or WISMedDIRECT.”

Most contributions made to WISMedPAC go to the state leadership campaign committees, and a recent upswing in PAC contributions made Society representation at several events this summer possible. Giving to WISMedPAC is a good option for physicians who don’t have a specific candidate preference,” whereas making contributions through WISMedDIRECT allows you to control exactly where your money goes—for local, state and federal candidates.

“It’s just like writing out a personal check; the only difference is that via WISMedDIRECT, the contribution is bundled with others. It makes a very powerful statement when we mail a check to a particular candidate listing all the physicians and their contributions,” said Green, who hopes to see the Society’s political giving program continue to grow.

“If you’re contributing to any political campaigns, please consider doing that via WISMedDIRECT or WISMedPAC,” she added.

If you have questions about either political giving opportunity or would like to start building your account for the 2018 elections, please contact Heidi Green at 608.442.3720.

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