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Treffert presents TEDx talk on ‘Accidental Genius’

Wisconsin Medical Society member Darold Treffert, MD, was a featured speaker during TEDxFondduLac, an independently organized event in the spirit of the TED Conferences mission of “Ideas worth spreading.” Held August 19 in Fond du Lac, the event sold out in just over six hours and featured 14 speakers across a variety of platforms and demographics.

Doctor Treffert’s talk, “Accidential Genius,” focused on savant syndrome, including the acquired savant—a condition he describes as, “a situation in which ordinary people like you and me have some kind of a brain injury or brain incident at which time some new ability—musical, artistic or math—emerges spontaneously and explosively.”

A past Society president, Dr. Treffert is a world-renowned expert on savant syndrome who today devotes his time to research, writing and lecturing at the Treffert Center in Fond du Lac.

“If anything, I’ve learned in my 55-year career the magnificence of the brain, its complexity and its intricacy,” says Dr. Treffert. “There’s so much to be learned, so much territory to be explored and we’re just on the cusp of that.”

Click here to watch Dr. Treffert’s TEDx talk.

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