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Physicians exceed PAC challenge

Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) members surpassed the goal to raise $30,000 for the Society’s political giving programs by the conclusion of the Annual Meeting April 14. Contributions totaled $41,000.

Citing the importance of political involvement—to ensure physicians maintain control in their practices and the care they are able to provide—WisMedPAC board members agreed to match the first $10,000 of contributions made between mid-March and April 14.

“I’m really encouraged that physicians stepped up and met our challenge,” said WISMedPAC Chair John Hartman, MD. “There’s an excitement in the air that if everyone gives just a bit, we can strengthen our collective voice.”

The Society’s political programs increase the impact of political contributions, which is especially important in a year that features races for the State Supreme Court, Governor, Attorney General, all State Assembly and many State Senate seats, as well as the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives races.

“With 2018 being a mid-term election, we want to be at the table at both the state and federal levels to make an impact. We encourage our members to participate in the political process by contributing via WISMedPAC or our conduit, WISMedDIRECT,” said Heidi Green, who manages the political giving programs at the Society.

To learn more, email Heidi or call her at 608.442.3720.

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