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Medigram: August 30, 2018

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Society testifies on physician burnout
The Wisconsin Medical Society helped raise awareness about the growing level of physician burnout in Wisconsin in testimony before a special legislative committee meeting this week in Madison. Read more.

News Briefs

Know your obligation to report
Physicians are required by law to report information to entities or individuals such as county health officials or law enforcement in certain situations. Read more.

WisMed OnCall: BSP Free Clinic providing specialty care to patients in need
Over 100 free and charitable clinics in Wisconsin serve almost all counties in the state and provide care to more than 150,000 patients, including the Benevolent Specialists Project (BSP) Free Clinic in Middleton. Read more.

Society joins AMA, others in opposing proposed change to E/M codes
The Wisconsin Medical Society, along with over 150 state and specialty medical societies and organizations, signed on to a letter from the American Medical Association (AMA) earlier this week expressing its opposition to proposed changes to E/M codes in the 2018 Physician Fee Schedule. Read more.

Recommended by Wisconsin Medical Society CEO Bud Chumbley, MD, MBA

“Doctors were once viewed as ill-prepared to be leaders because their training led them to be ‘heroic lone healers’. But this is changing,” write the authors of Why the Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors, an article published in the Harvard Business Review. “The emphasis on patient-centered care and efficiency in the delivery of clinical outcomes means physicians are now being prepared for leadership.” Click here to read more.