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Is your Valentine gift insured?

If you plan to give your special someone a special gift this Valentine’s Day—an engagement ring or some other valuable piece of jewelry or other gift—take the additional step of protecting your investment. The gift may be a romantic gesture, and while it might not sound very romantic, so is insuring it against theft or other loss.

Homeowner’s policies are very important because they provide coverage for personal property, and it’s important to understand exactly what your policy covers.

“Many people have the false impression that their jewelry and other expensive items are automatically covered under their homeowner’s policies. What they don’t realize is that unless the loss is from a cause specifically mentioned in their policy, it may not be covered,” said Ron Von Haden, CIC, in this this blog post from Professional Insurance Programs (PIP).

Auto, home and personal umbrella insurance policies are available to Wisconsin Medical Society members through PIP, which has a longstanding relationship with the Society and partners with multiple carriers to provide the best possible coverage to serve the needs of professionals.

To talk with someone about your homeowner’s coverage, contact Craig Thompson at 414.755.4168.

In addition to working with PIP, Wisconsin Medical Society Insurance and Financial Services offers a full line of insurance products, including life, long-term disability and medical liability. Click here to learn more or call 608.442.3810 to speak with someone about your insurance needs.

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