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WisMed OnCall: One physician’s solution to preventing burnout

While there’s a wealth of research regarding physician burnout, addressing the problem is no small task. During the latest episode of WisMed OnCall, host Peter Welch talks with longtime Wisconsin Medical Society member Alan Schwartzstein, MD, about some of the highlights of his career, including ways he has found to avoid burnout.

A family physician from Oregon, Wis., Dr. Schwartzstein was one of two recipients of the Society’s Presidential Citation, which were awarded by Immediate Past President Noel Deep, MD. In addition to maintaining a full-time practice, has been active for over 30 years in Wisconsin in organized medicine, public and community health, leadership and education.

“One of the things I tell medical students and younger colleagues is that it’s very important to get out of the clinic and hospital walls and provide service in the community,” says Dr. Schwartzstein in this episode. “I know there are physicians who have felt ‘all I can do is go into the office, see my patients, finish my work and go home,’ and I suggest to them that they might actually improve their outlook and lessen their chances of burnout by finding a group in the community that could really use their services.”

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