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Medigram: June 21, 2018

Top Story

Dept. of Labor issues final rule on association health plans
A federal rule released Tuesday will allow the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Association Health Plan, which currently provides insurance coverage for more than 1,100 people and 22 employer groups, to continue in current form. Read more.

News Briefs

Appellate court dismisses challenge to law punishing addiction
A federal appellate court on Monday dismissed a case challenging a Wisconsin law that has been blamed for negatively impacting the patient-physician relationship and discouraging some pregnant women from seeking prenatal care. Read more.

Physicians vie for office in upcoming elections
The fall election is just four months away, and for four Wisconsin physicians, the races are very personal. With their sights set on governor, Congress and Wisconsin State Senate, the following physicians hope to emerge victorious in November. Read more.

Society members named ‘most influential’ physician leaders
Wisconsin Medical Society members Nick Turkal, MD, and Susan Turney, MD, have been named to Modern Healthcare’s list of the 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders, a program that honors physicians working in all sectors of the health care industry for steering their organizations and the health care delivery system through dynamic, challenging times. Read more.

Recommended by Wisconsin Medical Society CEO Bud Chumbley, MD, MBA

“Physicians in the hospital can keep up with feeds on the Philadelphia Eagles, Taylor Swift, and the price of Bitcoin without consulting a newspaper. Yet, they must still go to the chart to check on their patients. What would it be like to instead subscribe to Ms. Jones in room 328?” This is the question posed by Katherine Choi and colleagues in an intriguing commentary available here that looks at reimagining the future of electronic health records—published May 24 in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Editor’s note: In last week’s Relevant Reading, which featured “Tethered to the EHR,” we mentioned Society members John Beasley, MD, and Valerie Gilchrist, MD, who are coauthors. The first author and project lead is Brian Arndt. MD. Additional coauthors are Michelle Watkinson, MPH; Jonathan L. Temte, MD, PhD; Wen-Jan Tuan, MS, MPH; and Christine Sinsky, MD.