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Science Festival offers county medical societies opportunity for community involvement

If your county medical society is interested in engaging members and sharing their passion for medicine with the community, the Wisconsin Science Festival may be the answer.

Held each fall, the festival is a project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Morgridge Institute for Research that celebrates science.

For the past several years, the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation has co-hosted an activity at the Madison location of the Festival with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health’s Doctors Ought to Care student group. The station offers visitors, young and old alike, an opportunity to see, touch and learn about human organs such as the heart, lungs, brain and more. Physicians volunteer alongside the medical students and are reinvigorated by the awe in the eyes of attendees.

During the 2017 Wisconsin Science Festival, kids had the opportunity to learn about bodily functions at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire.The festival is not limited to Madison, however, and last year, the Eau Claire-Dunn-Pepin County Medical Society (Tri-County) developed activities in their area. Inspired by this opportunity for physicians to engage the local community, Foundation Board member Jose Ortiz, Jr., MD, and fellow Tri-County Medical Society members Donn Dexter, MD, and Alicia Arnold, MD, formed an organizing committee and rallied partners to expand the Wisconsin Science Festival’s presence in Eau Claire.

Tri-County members and partners designed several creative science-related activities for all ages including “The Science of Gross-ology” for kids. This station played to kids’ natural fascination with bodily functions through educational activities related to the “ickiest” parts of the human body. For adults, there was “The Science of BBQ” held at a local brewery.

“Coordinating and sponsoring activities like ‘The Science of BBQ’ and ‘The Science of Brewing Beer’ is a unique way to show that the physicians of Eau Claire-Dunn-Pepin County Medical Society care about science and to help people recognize its importance to everyday life in our community,” said Dr. Dexter. “We gained great visibility for our county society and business partners through advertising for the events and look forward to sponsoring activities again this year.”

The 2018 festival is October 11-14, and now through July is the time to apply to host activities, which may be held on just one or all four days.

To learn more about how your county medical society or health system can get involved in the festival, contact Foundation Outreach Coordinator Henry Thompson at 608.442.3756.

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