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School Safety law includes reporting requirement

The $100 million school safety package signed into Wisconsin law this week (2017 Act 143) includes a provision requiring teachers, counselors and health care professionals to report school violence safety threats to law enforcement.

Under the new law, people who are mandatory reporters under the law must immediately report to law enforcement when:

“The person believes in good faith, based on a threat made by an individual seen in the course of professional duties regarding violence in or targeted at a school, that there is a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of a student or school employee or the public.”

The new law provides civil and criminal liability immunity for those making safety reports “in good faith.” The law also specifically provides that “any health care provider…who believes in good faith and in his or her professional judgment that a report is not required…shall have immunity from any civil liability or criminal penalty for not making such a report.” That good faith intent is presumed under the law.

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