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Westlake promotes Wisconsin fentanyl fight in Congress

Wisconsin Medical Society member Tim Westlake, MD, continued his leadership in fighting the opioid and other drug abuse epidemic Tuesday in Washington, D.C., testifying before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wisconsin’s efforts to combat fentanyl analogues.

Also a member of the state’s Medical Examining Board and Controlled Substances Board, Dr. Westlake highlighted in his testimony the extreme dangers of illegal fentanyl use and urged the federal government to use as an example a new Wisconsin law that could help federal law enforcement better prosecute drug crimes involving fentanyl analogues. Government often plays “catch-up” in scheduling new drugs, as small chemical variations to drugs such as fentanyl can make a substance fall outside of the list of illegal drugs law enforcement relies upon.

Doctor Westlake was instrumental in Wisconsin’s passage of Act 60 this legislative session—the new law allows law enforcement to pursue cases involving a fentanyl analog not yet specifically included in the state’s controlled substances act.

Doctor Westlake’s testimony can be viewed below.

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