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2018 House of Delegates actions now online

A summary of the actions taken by the House of Delegates (HOD) during the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Annual Meeting on April 14 is now available online.

The HOD adopted 16 resolutions, referred two to the Board of Directors and took action regarding a number of existing policies. Resolutions adopted address the following topics:

  • Resolution 101: Opioid Treatment Programs Reports to Prescription Monitoring Programs
  • Resolution 102: Elimination of Prior Authorization for Buprenorphine
  • Resolution 103: Raising Awareness About Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Resolution 104: Use of Person-Centered Language
  • Resolution 106: Repeal of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
  • Resolution 110: Prohibition on Maintenance of Certification
  • Resolution 201: Support of a National Registry for Advance Directives
  • Resolution 203: Inclusion of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Healthcare Documentation
  • Resolution 204: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • Resolution 205: Consensus Principles on Insurance Coverage for Out-of-Network Care
  • Resolution 206: Opposition to Medicaid Work Requirements, Drug Screening Requirement, and Eligibility Time Limits
  • Resolution 207: Support for the Research of Baby Boxes Support for the Research of Baby Boxes
  • Resolution 209: Education of Primary Care Physicians to Identify Sex Trafficking
  • Resolution 212: Mandatory Nutrition Labeling for Alcohol
  • Resolution 213: A Public Health Case for Firearm Regulation
  • Resolution 214: Reducing Radon Deaths in Wisconsin (adopted in part)

Resolution 113: “Contact Information within Councils and Committees” and Resolution 210: “Referrals for Services to Which Physicians or Institutions Have a Moral Objection” were referred to the Society’s Board of Directors for further study and action.

Click here* for a detailed summary of HOD actions. All adopted resolutions are being incorporated into the Society’s Policy Compendium, which is available online.

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