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2018 Physician Citizen of the Year working to increase awareness, assist victims of sex trafficking

In a new episode of WisMed OnCall out today, host Peter Welch interviews the Wisconsin Medical Society’s 2018 Physician Citizen of the Year, Gloria Halverson, MD.

Although Dr. Halverson’s career is remarkable for many reasons, her work to increase awareness and assist the victims of sex trafficking is the focus of their conversation and the primary reason she was recognized last month as the Society’s 2018 Physician Citizen of the Year.

During the podcast, Dr. Halverson shares how she first became aware of the magnitude of sex trafficking and the myriad related health care issues while volunteering on a medical mission trip in Nicaragua. She also discusses the role physicians can play to assist this patient population, which is not limited to other countries, but exists in every county in Wisconsin.

“I was so appalled and my eyes were open to a world that I had never seen before,” she said about her first trip to Nicaragua. “It really changed the whole projection of my life. I was just so moved and felt that for those of us who have so much, we need to give back and try to help with this horrendous injustice.”

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