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WisMed On Call: Untangling the burnout dilemma

“Burnout is really a dilemma; it’s not a problem,” says Arthur S. Hengerer, MD, in the latest episode of WisMed OnCall. “If it’s a problem, we fix it. But when you have a dilemma, you have to come up with multiple solutions and habits and methods to deal with something that’s constantly in a flow and flux and changing.”

During the half-hour interview, host Peter Welch and Dr. Hengerer discuss some of the systemic causes of burnout in healthcare and efforts underway at the national level to address this dilemma. Dr. Hengerer is a director and past chair of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and co-lead for the Conceptual Model workgroup of the Action Collaborative for Well-being and Resilience at the National Academy of Medicine. The interview was recorded yesterday when Dr. Hengerer was in Wisconsin for the Society’s Physician Well-being and Resiliency Forum.

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